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hoe het werkt  How ?
Removal elevator hire or rental Amsterdam 


reservation !

How ?



this summer ! we don't charge extra in the weekends !  
special offer ! normal prices on saturday & sunday !  
How does it work ?
* mesure if the objects fit through the window or balcony
* check the spot in the street and be alerted by any possible traffic hazard
* check if no items are blocking the window or balcony
* check if a permit from city hall is required  
* get help from friends or family
* make online reservation ( 5 -10 days in advance )
* you will receive booking confirmation by email  
* at last pay the driver in cash  
What can we do ?
* we can help to require permits  
* we can help to check the spot in the street
* we can help removing the window and putting it back
What do we do ?
* we will provide good protection of your house or building  
* we will advice regarding to loading / unloading during the relocation
* we will provide a secure and safe working environment
* we will make clear what to expect  
some extra information to be well prepared ( in dutch )


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